All ECO-H systems offer the ability to provide power & energy and also store energy in Li-Ion batteries as an ‘Energy Reservoir’ for future use. Inherent to ECO-H power management technology is surge suppression, voltage imbalance rectification, power factor improvement, frequency stabilization and harmonic improvement.

ECO-H’s technology is a high performance power manager that responds instantly to power quality events in both directions of energy transfer – absorbing power and discharging power.


GA accounts for the difference between the market price for Hydro and rates paid to regulated and contracted generators inclusive of conservation and demand management programs throughout Ontario. It is regularly one of the highest charges on electricity bills for businesses and facilities and is only applied in Ontario.

ECO-H is pre-programmed to provide energy at peak usage times to capture the historical GA peaks every day and is adjustable to allow for optimization for future GA deviations if required.


Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)battery technology is coupled with the ECO-H’s modular and expandable design enabling energy storage from any excess power that is generated from diesel and NG generators to renewable energies like solar and wind. This storage capacity enables any existing or pending hardware to have its energy component maximized thus ensuring the capture of 100% of available energy generated. The expandable design allows for expansion to meet any facilities future energy and power requirements on demand.

Using multiple ‘battery string’ control algorithms ECO-H can provide both ‘High-Power & Low-Energy’ and ‘Low-Power with High-Energy’ demands for any scalable models within these parameters up to multiple MW solutions.


ECO-H Technologies has developed proprietary Battery Management Control solutions (BMC) which enable a single hybrid light tower to be activated for approximately 10-hours of lighting per evening, every day for up to 55 consecutive days without re-fueling.

The hybrid light tower has unique industry specific applications such as Economy Mode, Doppler Mode, Auto ON/OFF and Remote/Radio Control. These and other functions guarantee better fuel economics, reduced generator wear & maintenance, reduced labor cost, reduced engine emissions and guaranteed ‘lighting on demand’.


ECO-H has developed a unique hybrid water purification and bagging system for remote communities.

The system can be powered through the on-board generator or solar panels in combination with ECO’s energy storage technology.

The water purification can provide continuous 5 stage purified supply at 21,600 USG/Day, while the water bagging system provides a durable five layer bag material for UV protection with 2 year shelf life.