ECO-H is a fully customizable energy storage power management system geared towards securing power rel8iability, optimization and significant cost savings for peak demand energy use. The system is portable and can easily be integrated into connected or off-grid energy source systems.

ECO-H integrates energy storage with patented power transient software management that is capable of instantaneously discharging or absorbing excess power. It lowers greenhouse gas emissions and is a cost effective solution to address high energy costs associated with peak demand use and Global Adjustment charges.

Located in Hamilton, Ontario, ECO-H is part of the AVL group of companies with a global presence providing new technologies in engineering, project and supply chain management.

The ECO-H energy storage systems can operate connected to the grid or in island mode, providing features such as peak shaving, power transient management, frequency regulation, and energy arbitrage services.

The on-board reserve of energy delivers instant electrical power when required and absorbs excess power for later use. ECO-H will integrate with your electric utility, generator(s) and/or renewable energy sources to enhance the performance and reliability of your company’s power supply.

This reliable and simple method is quickly becoming an ideal means to address peak demand and global adjustment charges which have become an increasingly high portion of business operating costs.