Expandable redundant power and energy as you grow. The ECO-H system is designed to be modular and can meet all site load requirements. That means your system can grow with your needs, whatever your power needs are today it’s likely they will grow in the future and you want to be prepared to meet that increase and demand.

Comprised of industrial, long cycle life lithium batteries & patented ECO-LOGIC algorithms to manage charging and discharging, the ECO-H Hybrid Power Management System can be adapted to specific demands, covering any storage power need or capacity.

This in turn provides a large range of applications (e.g. Residential Energy Storage, Community Energy Storage, Military, Network Operators, Industries, Utility scale ancillary start, etc.)

The ECO-H systems are sized to bespoke customer requirements for space and portability allowing for quick delivery and commissioning. The larger ECO-H systems can be integrated into your existing building or a custom structure and where portability is required a high cube ISO shipping containers on trailers can be custom designed for improved transportability and portability.