Project: 250kW system with a capacity of 1MWh energy storage
Location: Project site is located at a residential/rural location in Germany

Date: June 2015

Client: Parker Energy Grid Tie (EGT) Division

Project Type: PV Energy Storage

Battery container which houses series connected LG Chem Li-Ion batteries in racks, fire suppression, DC disconnect, auxiliary power distribution, controls and cooling equipment. The battery container serves as an integral component of a grid scale battery energy storage system.

“Once installed, the solution will allow Westnetz, the distribution system operator of RWE in the relevant region, to defer previously planned distribution grid investment, reduce the probability to truncate solar PV generation, and ensure stable and consistent power for their customers. The project will be realised not only to test the system in critical grid situations, but also as a first showcase and pilot for a further development of the future market design and regulatory framework.”

Project Media Link: German utilities company RWE PV energy storage system