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The ECO-H System can be preprogrammed with several modes of operations that can be customizable and stackable for the operator.

  • Load Levelling Generators
  • Global Adjustment
  • Backup Power (UPS)
  • Peak Shaving & Demand Response
  • Time Shifting
  • Manual Charge/Discharge
  • Voltage & Frequency Stabilization

Load Levelling Generators
Currently, genset(s) are typically sized for peak loads but in fact they infrequently produce this power for any length of time.

These generators spend most of their time operating at lower loads. This method of sizing creates inefficiencies and increases the consumption of fuel, maintenance costs and overall emissions produced.
Global Adjustment
For Global Adjustment, the ECO-H system is setup to discharge either manually or through remote signal.

Through third party Global Adjustment forecasting contractors the ECO-H system receives a remote signal and can discharge a predetermined amount of power.

If your facilities have forecasting capabilities ECO-H can be set in manual mode to discharge as much as you want with the click of a button.
Peak Shaving & Demand Response
During Peak Shaving mode the ECO-H system can be setup to discharge or charge when the site loads are above set thresholds.

Facilities are paid to reduce their energy consumption at peak times or in response to market prices, replacing the need for additional generation on the grid.

ECO-H peak shaving mode during these periods acts as a “virtual” generator for the system operator.
Time Shifting
In time shifting mode ECO-H allows you to buy and store power when it is least expensive and use the stored power during peak demand when prices are highest.

Time shifting mode takes full advantage of lower costs of power during off-peak times when some utilities even credit you for using their extra capacity.
Manual Charge/Discharge
The manual mode allows you to set any power limit and discharge or charge the ECO-H system for the length of time you require.

This mode allows you to set timers so that you can activate ECO-H at a predetermined time to charge/discharge.

It can also be set to a countdown mode as well. Where the System discharges/charges after a set period of time.
Voltage & Frequency stabilization
Faults in a utility distribution system, voltage spikes, voltage sags, brownouts, and blackouts can all cause interference or interruption in service.

The inability of genset(s) to react quickly enough to transient load steps directly influences Voltage & Frequency. These cause damage, potential blackouts and long term electrical failures on sensitive electronics.

Built-in Frequency Inversion Technology enables the ECO-H System to ensure a steady-state synchronized frequency across all genset(s).